Volant 21-22 Ford Bronco 2.7L Closed Box Air Intake With DryTech 3D Dry Filter

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The Ford Bronco(TM) was designed for ultimate adventures on and off-road and a Volant(R) air intake is the perfect compliment to the Ford Bronco to maximize its potential. Volant's cold air intake unlocks added performance from the Ford Bronco EcoBoost(R) engine giving you confidence that your vehicle is protected from the harshest environments while exploring the world around you. Volant's Ford Bronco cold air intake with free-flowing DryTech synthetic filtration is perfect for maximizing your performance gains while minimizing your maintenance concerns for on-road daily driving. Choose a Volant air intake and unlock the keys to your Bronco's potential.
Cold Air Intake Kit; Incl. Closed Filter Box/Air Duct/DryTech 3D Synthetic Filter/Connectors/Clamps;