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McLeod Tuner Adventure Series 12-18 Jeep Wrangler 3.6L Super Trail Pro Clutch Kit

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McLeod LLC is proud to offer clutch solutions for the trail-ready, daily-driven truck and off-road market. The Adventure Series / Super Trail Pro is the perfect choice for the more dedicate truck and off-roader with a wilder adventure in mind. Recommended for the serious Truck and Off-Road consumer with engine mods (stroker, turbo, supercharger), increased vehicle weight and larger tires from 37” and up. Included is a high clamp load pressure plate, a dual performance organic and ceramic disc for smooth engagement and awesome holding power. Our kits are complete with pressure plate, a dual performance organic/ceramic disc, throw out bearing (where applicable) pilot bushing (where applicable) and alignment tool. If you are looking for a street friendly yet trail proven clutch, the McLeod Adventure Series / Super Trail Pro is your best choice. The McLeod Adventure Series, designed and engineered for your next adventure!
Jeep: Wrangler 12 - 17 3.6 L Engine, Jeep: Wrangler JK 18 - 18 3.6 L Engine