ICON 2021+ Ford Bronco Tie Rod Kit

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The strength limitations of the Bronco's factory steering tie rods has been well documented, especially by Bronco owners who venture into the big rocks with big tires. These ICON XD Forged Tie Rods remedy this with better materials and beefier dimensions than the stock units. The inner tie rod and ball stud is CNC machined from 4140 chromoly. The adjustment threads, where we've seen most of the failures happen on stock tie rods, are18mm on the XD Forged Tie Rods versus 14mm on stock Bronco tie rods. The outer tie rod is forged steel and has the same bend as the stock tie rods for fitting all of the Bronco's factory wheel diameters and offsets, along with just about any aftermarket wheel. The tie rod end is a beefier, metal on metal joint that is greaseable for extended service life and has the same range of operating angle as the stock tie rod ends. For the most hardcore of off-roaders, the ICON XD Forged Tie Rod kit is recommended as part of a comprehensive steering system upgrade strategy.
ICON XD Forged Tie Rods offer significant increase in strength with better materials and beefier dimensions than the stock tie rods while also capable of same range of motion and offer same tire fitment as OE units.
TECH NOTE: Not compatible with aftermarket tie rod braces