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Go Rhino 22-23 Toyota Tundra Sport Bar 2.0 (Full Size) - SS

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Go Rhino*s Sport Bar 2.0 can be installed on a full-sized and mid-sized truck bed along with your favorite snap, roll up and some folding tonneau covers. Now it*s no longer necessary to choose between a bed cover or adding functional lighting when making a dramatic appearance upgrade. The Sport Bar 2.0 offers two LED mounting options: the STANDARD FIXED MOUNT and the patented POWER-ACTUATED HIDEAWAY MOUNT. The standard version will raise your lights or LED light bar above your truck*s cab. The Power Actuated light mount is available pre-installed on the Sport Bar 2.0 or as a separate upgrade. This powered mount will allow you to, at the flick of a switch from inside the vehicle, hide your lights in a protective light box without leaving your vehicle. This ability to retract your lights will be especially appreciated the next time you pull into a garage in inclement weather. (All lights sold separately). The Sport Bar 2.0 comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty on materials and construction and a 5 year warranty on the Textured Black Finish.
Compatible with most tonneau covers
2022-2023 Toyota Tundra