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Corsa 21-22 Ford Bronco 2.7L Turbo 2.75in Cat-Back Single Exhaust w/ 4in Straight-Cut Black Tips

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The CORSA Performance Ford Bronco catback exhaust assortment features CORSA's Patented, No Drone, Reflective Sound Cancellation(R) (RSC) Technology which allows CORSA's acoustic engineers to create a deep aggressive drone free exhaust note, styled specifically to fit the personality of the Ford Bronco. The catback exhaust system moves the muffler to the center of the vehicle providing for better clearance and maximum approach angles for offroad driving. By engineering a full catback exhaust CORSA's acoustic engineers released added deep tonality from the 2.7L and 2.3L engines creating a deep pleasing noticeably louder exhaust note at idle and under acceleration while maintaining a DRONE-FREE EXPERIENCE during cruise. Choose from 3 unique tip options: Turndown for maximum offroad clearance or 4.0 in. flat cut polished, or black powder coat dual wall stainless steel tips. Performance gains are not affected by sound choice.
2.75in. Cat-Back Single Side Exit Exhaust System with Single 4.0in. Straight-Cut Black Powder Coat Tips